Doggobone Venison (Complete) /1kg

Doggobone Venison (Complete) /1kg


  • R 38.50

Doggobone Venison (Complete) 500g(R38.50 for two rolls) for dogs is produced by Doggobone in a sterile environment.( Very much the same as a butchery) Dr Richard Patton( ) played a key role in the formulation of Doggobone. Doggobone Venison contains vegetables that is pulverised so that the dogs can absorb the nutrients better. Dogs do not have the enzymes to break through the cell walls of vegetable matter. This is the reason for pulverizing the veggies, to break the cell walls and make the nutrients inside the cell available to the dog. It also has added minerals and vitamins to make it a complete meal. 1 pack contains 500g(R38.50 for two rolls). 

Doggobone Venisson Ingredients: Venison, Beef/Sheep Lung, Tripe, Liver, Chicken(including bone), Egg, Vegetables, Fruit, Ground Flax Seed,Dried Alfalfa Meal, Sun-Dried Kelp, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Chicory, Curcumin, Rooibos,Cassava Root, Apple Cider Vinegar, Essential Vitamins and Minerals.

A complete meal is a food that contains all the proteins, fats, oils, vitamins and minerals to keep your pet in great health for a long period. You do not need to feed anything extra unless you want to spoil your pet with some treats or by adding something to his food. 

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Manufacturer: Doggobone

Brand: Doggobone


Count: 1 kg

Animal: Dogs

Suitable for animal age: All ages

Animal size: Standard

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