Lusahn Dog Food Adult 20kg Larger Kibble

Lusahn Dog Food Adult 20kg Larger Kibble


  • R 639.00

Lusahn was upgraded and are now called Amigo Integrity. This is what we will deliver. Most of the maize was removed and replaced by more Sorghum. Sorghum is a slow release carbohydrate and also contains antioxidants. Unlike Maize, sorghum contains no gluten. Inorganic minerals and vitamins was replaced by organic ones for better absorption. Ostrich oils are used. The Ostrich oils are rich in Omega 3, 6&9 oils. It contains antioxidants to eleminate free radicals that are produced by the digesting of proteins. The Omega oils are good for the circulartory system and has anti inflamatory properties. This helps to prevent inflamation in joints and in the digestive tract.

Manufacturer: Amigo

Brand: Integrity


Count: 20 kg

Animal: Dogs

Suitable for animal age: Adult

Animal size: All Breeds- Larger KIbble.

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