Doggobone Green Tripe (Complementary) 1kg

Doggobone Green Tripe (Complementary) 1kg


  • R 24.00

Doggobone Green Tripe (Complementary) 500g(R24.00 for two rolls) for dogs is produced by Doggobone in a sterile environment.  Doggobone contains vegetables that are pulverised so that the dogs can absorb the nutrients better. Dogs do not have the enzymes to break through the cell walls of vegetable matter. This is the reason for pulverizing the veggies, to break through the cell walls and make the nutrients inside the cell available to the dog. It does not have added vitamins and minerals and is a complimentary meal. 1 pack contains 500g(R24.00 for two rolls). 

Advantages of Doggobone Tripe. Of all the muscles in the body, tripe contains the most Calcium. 

Doggobone Green Tripe is not a complete meal and should be added to a complete meal. We here at Doggobone use unbleached tripe so that the nutrients do not get destroyed

Caution. Doggobone Tripe is a very rich food. For this reason some dogs get nauseous when fed only tripe. It is advisable to mix it with some other Dog food or Doggobone flavour.

Manufacturer: Doggobone

Brand: Doggobone

Product: Doggobone Green tripe

Count: 1 kg

Animal: Dogs

Suitable for animal age: All ages

Animal size: All sizes


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