Royal Canin Persian Cat food

Royal Canin

  • R 78.30

Royal Canin supports the health of your cat by providing precise nutrition based on a true understanding of the cat's specific needs and over 45 years of science and observation.

SPECIAL BRACHYCEPHALIC JAW: This specially designed almond-shaped kibble with an optimal contact surface area is easy for the Persian cat to pick up and chew.

LONG HAIR HEALTH: The long Luxurious coat, with a dense undercoat, is the hallmark of the Persian cat. Royal Canin exclusive complex of nutrients helps support the skin's "barrier" role and helps maintain skin and coat beauty. 

HAIRBALL REDUCTION:A specific blend of fibres helps to naturally stimulate intestinal transit, eliminate ingested hair and control hairball formation.

DIGESTIVE PERFORMANCE: Highly digestible protein(L.I.P.) and prebiotics to help support a balance in the intestinal flora.


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